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AIM Specialty Materials has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality metals and chemistries since 1936. 

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AIM Specialty Materials specializes in alloys of indium, tin, lead, bismuth, cadmium, gold and gallium for a wide range of joining applications.

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Solder for Phototonic Packaging

AIM’s full range of specialty joining materials includes indium and gold/tin solders for photonic packaging applications

Solder Fabrications

AIM’s Specialty solder products are available in a variety of alloys with melting temperatures from 10°C to 400°C

Indium Seals

Due to its softness, indium is considered an ideal material to create a compression seal

Compounds & Chemicals

AIM is a supplier of Indium compounds and chemicals used in a wide array of industries

Fusible Alloys

AIM is a leading supplier of fusible alloys for a broad range of Tool & Die applications

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets are used to produce thin films of metals or compounds

Solder Test Kits

AIM offers a broad range of solders to fulfill your most challenging component packaging applications